Forex Trading Mistakes – 10 Common Ones That Guarantee Losses

Here we will outline 10 common forex mistakes, make any of them and you will join the 95% of traders who lose. So here are the forex trading mistakes to avoid, if you want to achieve currency trading success.

Market Frenzy To Calm?

An up or down trade compensates you if the market touches either a higher or lower trigger. It only has to touch either level once and you win. An up or down trade on the EURO/USD with 25-30 day term and 200 pips (2 cents) each way potentially returns 8% ROI. This means that you are predicting that the EURO/USD will move significantly in either direction before November.

Forex Scalping – Day Trading the Smaller Moves For Big Gains

The forex scalper who day traders does not look to make big profits per trade he seeks a lot of small profits over time that mount up and yield huge FX Profits overtime. Let’s look at forex scalping in more detail.

Learn Currency Exchange – Why You Can’t Predict Price Movement

If you want to learn currency exchange then you need to work out which way prices are going and trade accordingly. Most traders think that they need to predict where prices are going to win, if you do this you will lose. There is a better way to make profits which is the subject of this article.

Swing Trading In Forex – 4 Steps To Swing Trading Success

Swing trading in forex is simple to do and it’s a great way for novice traders to start trading – it’s also fun and a great way to pile up big profits. Let’s look at swing trading in forex and 4 simple steps to help you succeed.

How to Make Money in Sideways Market?

To be successful in forex trading, following the trend perhaps would be among the most popular skills that a trader must master. However this article won’t discuss about trending, but discuss about its opposite. History shows that most markets tend to move in a non-trending, or “sideways” fashion more of the time than they are in a trending mode. So how to trade in non-trending markets. The most popular answer would be “swing trading.”

Optimize Your Forex Trading with the RSI

Among the different indicators in technical analysis, Relative Strength Index (RSI) is the easiest to interpret. Developed by J. Welles Wilder, the world first knew about this powerful analytical tool in 1978 through an article in commodities magazine (now Future Magazine). Then, RSI was introduced in Wilder’s book, New Concepts in Technical Analysis that was published in the same year. RSI is based on the statistical phenomena of “regression to the mean”. The basic application of these phenomena assumes that within a statistical sample, a random variable should have a value closer to its mean value. Applying this to the foreign exchange market will imply that the price of a currency pair shouldn’t rise or fall dramatically over a short period of time; and if this happens, the market is said to be in an overbought or oversold status.

Optimize Your Trading With The MAC-D

Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MAC-D) is a technical indicator that can be used effectively to analyze different market environments. Developed by Gerald Appel sometimes in 1960s, MAC-D used primarily as an analytical tool for the equities market.

Getting Ahead With Forex Signals

For some individuals, trading in the foreign exchange market made them quite rich. As you may know by now, Forex trading has a very liquid market. You can be anywhere and anytime in the world and still be able to earn much with just the use of your laptop, fast internet connection and Forex trading account. Most traders rely on trading signals to help them decide on what to do next.

Trading Forex – Using Your Demo Account

Everybody knows that Forex brokers offer demo or practice accounts. Are you using yours, and, if so, are you getting the most of it?

Using Forex Trading Alert Software for Fast and Effective Trading

Forex trading alert software continuously monitor the market for high-probability real-time buy and sell opportunities. Based on system algorithm the alert software generate precise trade entry and exit signals and automated trailing stop-losses.

How to Harness the Power of Forex Trading Machines

For veteran traders, forex trading machines are a place for experimenting different trading strategies. According to seasoned forex traders price driven forex trading or PDFT is one such strategy that works like a forex trading machine, churning out profits from every trade.

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