Altcoins: But What If They Bleed Against Ethereum?

How to Select the Best Program For Electronic Forex Trading

Electronic forex trading has revolutionized the way that traders approach the market in allowing them to trade more efficiently and accurately and at the same time saves them a great deal of time and money. But with seemingly hundreds of products on the market, it begs the question how can you pick out a winner from the lemon box?

Start Your Own Profitable Home Based Forex Business

What is FOREX? Foreign exchange (FOREX) is the practice of earning money through the exchanging of different currencies and has a very long history.  Although FOREX used to be a business like any other in the financial sphere – practiced by professionals in a ‘bricks and mortar’ setting, with the growth of the internet over the last 10 years the FOREX trade has moved online and is now accessible as a home-based business option for ordinary people willing to learn the basic techniques and start a FOREX trading business with just a laptop and internet connection.

Best Forex Trading System – Best Online Currency Trading Course

Finding the best forex trading system can be quite overwhelming and difficult but it’s not impossible. It requires time, caffeine and determination because the Internet is filled with recommendations and references.

Forex – A Look at Foreign Currency Trading, An Activity Many Are Using to Make Millions

Forex is an abbreviation for Foreign Exchange. It is similar to the stock trading business except you are trading a different commodity. In the stock market, you trade in the shares of publicly listed companies, while in the Forex, your one and only product or commodity is money.

Forex Trading – It’s Harder Than You Think

Forex trading is a booming industry at the moment with more and more people being attracted by the vast sums of money that can potentially be earned just by sitting in front of your computer and trading the markets. However is it really this easy?

Tips to Start With the Forex

A lot of people wonder whether or not the Forex (foreign exchange market) is actually a market that is profitable. In short, the answer is yes, if you know how to do it properly. Investing your money and doing it correctly takes time and patience.

Foreign Exchange Explained

The Foreign Exchange Market is a large market where many people make a hefty living. Learn exactly what forex is, and how you can profit with it.

Forex Day Trading Secrets For Success

Forex day trading secrets for success are all over the internet as vendors sell systems but when buying them you need to be aware of this secret which will save you a lot of money and put you on the road to forex trading success. Day trading simply doesn’t work and you should try another short term method of trading that does.

Forex Trading Tip – This Tip Can Increase Your Profits Instantly

I have taught or acted as broker for around 6,000 traders and from my experience, in my own trading and watching others, there is one simple tip you can incorporate in your Forex trading strategy which will increase your gains and here it is. It based on the 80 – 20 rule which is used in many areas of life and in business for example the rule states 80% of your sales and profits, are likely to come from just 20% of your clients and in Forex it means this.

Forex Trading Tips – Are You Making These 3 Common Mistakes

Traders are always looking for some good forex trading tips, so I thought I would chime in my favorite tips. I can safely say that these little tips have really helped my trading career.

Forex Trading Strategy – To Win You Must Be Aware of This Key Point Or You Will Lose!

The facts are 95% of traders lose money and just 5% win. The vast majority of the losing traders simply pay no attention to the point enclosed but its vital for your trading success and its enclosed.

The 5 Benefits of Using a Automated Forex Trading System

Forex trading seems to be a relatively easy game. Buy when it goes up and sell when it goes down. Yet thousands have lost their fortune over this simple game when the odds to win are really 50-50. The inability for the traders to control their emotion has made it into a really not a simple game anymore. The currency that we trade does not go up or down in a straight line. The currency moves in a zig-zag movement when it goes up a little or down a little before continuing its main trend. This zagged movement is what causes traders to really lost money. Every minute your profit can evaporate or your loss and increased.

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