Ben’s PORTFOLIO Bull Run Update (Bitcoin and Cryptos ON FIRE)

FAP Turbo Forex Trading Tobot – What Makes it the Best?

The FAP forex trading robot simply has no equal in the industry. Credited as the most advanced live trading robot in existence, reviewed world wide on the internet as a Wall Street Phenomena.

Can You Really Make Money Scalping Forex Pips?

If you’re wondering whether or not you can make money scalping Forex pips the answer is yes. Scalping is a process of grabbing quick, short-term profits in Forex trading. This can be effective as there are a number of trader earning a good living using this trading method.

How to Use Contrary Thinking in Forex Trading

The quickest way to do this is by mastering “contrary thinking.” It is a tried-and-true method of most successful traders.

How to Trade Currency – Tips to Find the Most Profitable Currency to Trade

If you are starting out and learning how to trade currency and wondering how to determine which pair is best for you to trade, you will want to read this article. We will explain some of the key points you need to be aware when selecting which currency pair to trade, such as the spread, when it is active and the potential for profits.

Becoming a Forex Trader

If you’ve been looking for an unparalleled business opportunity, then the forex market might be right for you. Forex is short for foreign exchange market. That is, the market that traders use to exchange various forms of currency from over ninety countries.

Three Biggest Myths in Forex Trading

Knowing the three biggest myths about forex trading is key to making a profit on the market. That means if you’re aware of the myths, then you can successfully avoid them.

What is the Reason Why Foreign Options Exists?

Facilitating currency exchange transactions – changing one currency to another currency – for multinational business entities that need to continually trade currencies is the primary reason why the forex options market exists. Why do these companies need to trade currencies? Companies trade currencies because it is a natural phenomenon in the operations of the business – payroll, supply purchase, payment for services rendered by contractors, foreign vendors, as well as for activities like merges and acquisition.

What is Forex Options For?

Forex option is the contract between a buyer, which is in the business of selling currency, and a seller, the party who has available currency. The purpose of this option is to limit the risk of having to buy the currency at the present time and not being able to sell it at an advantageous price in the future.

What is Vanilla Option?

A new frontier for forex traders is the forex transaction involving forex options. Basically, this type of trading gives the investor the right to exercise an option, thus its name. Many traders are turning to this type of trading due it its many advantages such as its flexibility and low up-front capital.

Forex Trading Through a Third Party

Using a third party provider sounds like a great idea. However, just as with everything else, it can have its downsides.

How to Become a Successful Forex Trader

A great way to start is by signing up for one of the many online forex trader forums. These forums are a global community that connects traders from all over the world.

Learn How to Trade Forex – 4 Useful Tips to Jumpstart Your Forex Trading Business

Have you ever wondered that if you what it takes to learn how to trade forex? I asked this because I have to say that not all the people in this world are suitable to trade forex. Why is that so? Some people just get very nervous and close a position whenever there is just a few pips movement against their direction, some can’t even sleep when they lost a small trade etc.

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