Moving Averages – Traders Using Them For Bigger Profits in Forex

Moving averages are a simple tool that any forex trader should use and here we will look at how to use them correctly in your forex trading strategy for bigger profits. Let’s first look at what they are the logic behind them and the best time periods to use.

Books on Forex

Everybody would always want to succeed in anything that they do. Forex traders are no exemptions. The fact that trading alone is similar to gambling, one would never want to lose money.

Forex Funnel Review

When I first read about the Forex Funnel on an online blog, I checked out the website and was instantly skeptical of the claims. The website is over dramatic and, to me, it comes across as nothing more than an empty sales pitch.

Forex Software Ratings and Reviews

Forex Software Ratings and Reviews are important to analyze before choosing the system that is right for you. This article will provide you pointers on how to analyze Forex software reviews.

Forex Tracer Review by Former Forex Trader

Here’s a novelty – a Forex Tracer Review by a Forex trader! Yes, that’s right. I spent several years trading forex for a living in both London and New York. In my day, we had to do everything “by hand”, so to speak, so I was naturally rather sceptical when I first read about “Forex Tracer”, a piece of computer software which would enable anyone to do my old job as well as I used to do it! I was naturally very curious, so I decided to order a copy, and put it to the test.

Forex Tracer and FAPS

Forex Tracer and Forex Autopilot System are two of the most commonly used automated Forex robots used in the currency industry. This review compares and contrasts the two and recommends the more profitable system.

Top Forex Trading Strategies For Beginners

Due to such a complex learning curve, trading in the forex market can seem nearly impossible for beginners. Many of these beginners in the foreign exchange market are in search of forex trading strategies.

Forex Expert Advisors – Why Are They Becoming So Popular?

Forex expert advisors are basically trading programs or robots that will automatically place trades on your behalf using a complex preset algorithm. It’s success obviously depends on it’s programmer and the trading criteria they enter, but expert advisors can be highly profitable. So is this the reason why EA’s have become so popular?

Test Trading With Forex

As is always the case, one would always like to test any system for efficiency and effectiveness. This also goes for Forex trading. In such a scenario where one couldn’t afford to lose, it is always important to test and check the system that one is using.

Learning Forex

Traditional forex trading are people with small bundles of notes, at the important office areas, who are ready to exchange your currency to your desired foreign notes at a commission. The much more convenient and systematic way of forex trading had been developed to take control over the whole unorganized sector by the existence of various professionals and automated software to offer complete professionalism.

Free Forex Tips to Help You Get Started

Many beginners in the forex market are searching for free forex tips to raise their understanding of the currency pairs, learn winning strategies and improve their overall earning potential. However, the best secrets used by professionals are usually kept closely guarded because winning strategies are few and far between. Though 95% of us will lose in the forex market, some free forex tips just might lead us to be the other 5% that will profit.

How to Use Forex Signal Software to Your Best Advantage

Newcomers to the forex market are always searching for the biggest and best way to achieve an advantage over their competition. 95% of people who enter the market will end up cutting their losses while the last 5% profit from them. Because the market is a 24/7 operation, beginners usually turn to forex signal software for an advantage.

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