Best Altcoin Primed for a Breakout (XRP to Reach $5 by 2022)

Looking For Forex Killer Robots?

Here’s the good news for all you “wanna be” traders out there that don’t have the time to become a currency trading expert. There are some powerful and smart “Forex Robots” out there that can automate the trading process for you.

Automated Forex Trading Software – What Exactly is It?

If, like many people in tough times, you are looking for alternative ways to make money online, you’ve quite possibly considered looking further into forex trading as a means by which to do so. Unfortunately, without prior (or current) experience in this area, this is not an option that just anyone can take up; this is where automated forex trading software comes in.

Price Action – Why Volatility is So Important

You ever hear how some traders say that they need the market to be more volatile to be able to tell when they should trade? There is a good reason for that.

Forex Options Trading – Currency Carry Trade

Probably the most popular strategy in forex trading is the currency carry trade. This involves selling a currency with low interest rate and using the funds to buy a whole different currency with much higher interest rate.

Forex Marging Trading – One Good Point For Forex Trading

One of the great characteristics of the forex market is that traders can participate by using what is called forex marging trading. But what does it mean? Is it the same as how it works in the stock market and futures markets?

Automated Forex Cash System – What is it and Should I Get One?

Have you heard the stories of people getting incredibly wealthy trading forex and that they’ve done it all on autopilot? Want to know how they did it? Want to do it yourself? Check out my article on automated forex cash systems so you can grab your share of the pie today!

Forex Options Trading – How Indicators Can Help You in Currency Trading

Did you know that the Foreign Exchange or Forex market is one of the biggest – and most liquid – financial markets in today’s world? Banks, governments, corporations, and other powerful institutions engage in currency trading every day, allowing yearly turnovers to reach trillions of US dollars.

Forex Options Trading – Fundamental Analysis Vs Technical Analysis

In the world of currency trading, there are two types of analysis that elicit constant debate from traders all over the globe. These types of analyses are, to date, fundamental analysis and technical analysis. The end question is basically what type of analysis is better and can give the best results. But before you decide on that matter, it would do you well to check out what each of the two has to offer.

Forex Options Trading – The Importance of Charts in Currency Trading

If you are new at currency trading, the number of articles that tell people how to go about with their Forex trading activities can get you confused as to which piece of advice to follow. But when it comes to the use of Forex charts, you’d do well to remember that you can use all of them if you wish. There are basically five types of charts commonly used in currency trading, and they are the following: the line chart, the bar chart, the candle chart, the Heikin-Ashi chart, and the Renko chart.

Forex Options Trading – Cross Currency

In forex trading terminology, cross currency refers to a pair of currencies that do not include the U.S. dollar. It is commonplace in the forex market to exchange any foreign currency to U.S. dollars before trading. In cross currency, a trader does not need to go through that.

Discover How to Trade Forex Foreign Currencies the Profitable Way

There are many ways to begin trading forex foreign currencies in the Forex market but a very few ways to be profitable. Why few? This is because most people want to jump right into actual trading with real money without having any prior practice or knowledge about the market itself.

Scalping Forex – Find a Winning Forex Scalping System

A number of strategies in having a successful career in the forex market can be done. One of these strategies is the use of scalping forex. Similar in the way ticket scalpers do, forex scalpers buy currencies and hold on to it for a small amount of time then sell it when the trades go higher, ensuring only small profits but with larger number of trades made.

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