Biggest Mistakes Crypto Investors Make in 2021 (Bitcoin News)

The Bollinger Bands – Trend Indicators

The Bollinger bands are an indicator that allows the investor to examine the volatility and relative price levels for an asset. The indicator is displayed by overlaying the price chart.

About Fibonacci Analysis

Technical analysis theory implements the idea that when you break a Fibonacci withdrawal, the rate tends to head to the next. It is important to correlate the rate movement between different Fibonacci withdrawals with the evolution of the most representative indicators of the analysis.

The Automated Forex Grail

The term, “automated Forex grail” refers to a type of program that generates huge revenues through automation. It is referred to as a “grail” because, much like the historical “Holy Grail” is is much sought-after and difficult to find.

The Bretton Woods Accord – 20 Years of General Stability of the Exchange Rate

The Bretton Woods Accord is an agreement in international financial and monetary exchange, signed in 1944 at the International Monetary Conference held at Bretton Woods. Here there were made the foundations of the international monetary system and it was adopted the gold-currency system.

What Did Cause Forex Volume Growth?

Forex is basically a decentralized market, with the exception of currency futures and options segments. Spectacular growth in volume has been registered by Forex in the last few years due to particular factors that are to be discussed within this article.

Currency Movements – Percentage Retracement and Trend Lines

Like all the financial instruments, foreign currencies do not register straight up or down moves not even in the healthiest trends. Thus, in order to obtain price objectives, traders watch various percentage retracements.

Inflation Indicators – Their Importance For Trades on Forex

In the same line of the article related to economic fundamentals influencing the evolution of currency transactions, this one will present the details of inflation indicators. The rate of inflation represents the widespread rise in prices. Consequently, the appreciation of inflation constitutes a macroeconomic task.

Forex Trend Trading – The Trend is Your Friend

In forex trend trading, traders seem to employ the strategy of taking advantage of long term moves being played out in the markets. The trending system aims to work on the market trending behavior and benefit from both the bull and bear conditions. Traders who normally stick to this strategy uses market price calculation, moving averages, trend lines to determine the general direction of the market.

Forex Signals Can Be Bad For You

Forex signals are very popular among newbie traders. But are they really good? Even free Forex signals can be rather bad for your trading.

Megadroid Forex Robot – Forex Robot Gives New Traders a Way to Make Millions

One of the main issues discussed on internet forums asks the question of whether or not the Megadroid Forex robot actually can make millions for a new user. The Forex Megadroid like many other automated trading robots has helped new and seasoned traders substantially in the Forex market of trading foreign currencies. The software has made it easier to trade with the acquisition of large amounts of profits.

An Introduction to Ivy Bot

Ivy Bot refers to a system that is proved to be helpful for those who have interest in forex trading. And forex trading refers to the exchange of currency of one country of the world to the other country.

Defining Your Forex Trading Strategy

Through years, experts have come up and experiment many trading strategies so that they can find the suitable strategy to reap huge profits while trying to minimize losses. As a novice trader that begins to explore the world of trading, it is important to know how the basics of Forex first and the risks involved.

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