Bitcoin Bear Market Starting? [IS THIS THE END?]

Getting A Good Currency Rate Means A Lot

Getting good value for money is very important and no less so when accepting foreign currency rate offers. In America, British people can find exceptional value for their pounds still over 2 to 1 to the greenback and present conditions greatly favour the buyer.

Forex Trading – The BIG Disadvantages Of This Investment Medium

You will here about the advantages of currency trading and their well known but there NOT advantages unless – you trade currencies correctly. They can just as easily be disadvantages and that’s what happens to most traders!

The Importance Of Finding The Best Forex Training

Forex trading is fun and lucrative but it is also very competitive and volatile and anybody who wishes to join in the fun must have at least a little basic Forex trading training. An introductory foreign exchange trading course should include a variety of different components of trading including trading concepts, processes and terminology that are all critical to give the novice confidence as he enters the marketplace for the very first time.

Forex Charts – Basic Profit Tips For Beginners

Here we will look at forex charts and basics for beginners and novice traders on what they have to do enjoy currency trading success. Charting is not a science, it’s an art but if you learn the basics below, you will soon be using forex technical analysis confidently and enjoy forex success.

Forex Education – If You Can’t Answer This Question You Will Lose

Your forex education must help you answer the question below correctly. If you can’t answer the question below – then don’t trade forex as you will lose.

Investing in Forex – Tax Free

What a ride! What I am referring to is the last few days of the stock market. As I write this the market actually did well; it rose a little over 320 points!

Day Trading Forex With Technical Indicators

Day trading technical indicators are the representation of mathematical formulae a day trader can use to decide when to do the trading. Forex day trading involves buying and selling of various currencies with the goal of making a profit from the difference between the buying price and the selling price within a day.

Forex Professional System Trading For Greater Profits

For forex professional system trading, you need to register for some trading platforms either by paying a subscription or for free. You may be offered the facility of auto-trading, leverage in a base currency, reversal of positions without closing, no margin calls, competitive spreads for all your trades, round the clock support during trading hours, trading over the phone, etc.

Commodity Forex Online Trading

If you are even a bit part player on this planet you would certainly have heard all the buzz about Spread Trading. From here to Timbuktu everyone and their aunt is getting online with this amazing way of trading in the worlds forex, stock and commodity markets…

Forex Trading – Why The Hype?

Forex trading is about making big profits. The leading investors have found it simple to make large amounts of money, as the market changes daily. Forex (Foreign Exchange Currency Market) is also referred to as FX. The currency trading can be performed through a broker, institution or personally which is a distinct advantage over the stock market…

Forex Trading Basics – Key To Success

It is no secret that forex trading is by far a more profitable and lucrative option than trading on the stock market. On a daily basis the forex market has approximately 1.5 trillion dollars being traded. This ridiculously massive figure is over…

Trading Platinum Using CFDs

In our daily reports, we comment on the background and outlook for the gold price, but from time to time we refer to other precious metals. One of these that can be traded using CFDs is platinum, and various contracts are available, as well of course as companies with interests such as Johnson Matthey and Aquarius Platinum, which have long appealed to stock market investors.

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