Bitcoin Bear Trend NOT FINISHED? [BTC & Crypto News 2021]

New CFTC Forex Trading Leverage Rules – Main Street Gets Thumped by Wall Street Again! (Art 2 of 3)

There is a rumour doing the rounds that there may be a little more than meets the eye to the new CFTC proposals to reduce leverage for retail forex traders from 100:1 to 10:1. The rumour involves a turf war. The two rival gangs are futures brokers and forex brokers. The futures brokers are the Old Boys Club, the forex brokers are the cocky new kids on the block. Both are registered at the NFA, both are regulated by the CFTC, but at the moment there is only one winner – the forex brokers.

High Leverage – The #1 Reason Forex Traders Fail Consistently and What to Do About It (Art 3 of 3)

Everybody is up in arms over the CFTC’s 10-1 leverage proposal. The blogosphere is buzzing with emails from forex brokers lobbying congress, the senate, the NFA, the CFTC. It looks like everyone wants 100:1 leverage back.

How to Automate Forex Trading

One of the main goals in terms of the market is how to automate your forex trading. Nobody likes hard work and a great way to maximize profits and minimize work is to have your trades on autopilot.

FX Trades – How to Avoid Spending Months Learning Wrong Trading System

Are you considering taking a course on manual technical trading? Before you do, you need to know some of the problems with it. Don’t buy a course or book until you take a few minutes to read this article.

Breakout Forex Trading

This article attempts to explain the basics about forex breakout strategies. Within its contests readers will be able to find information such as the usual trading characteristics of these systems and how they are best exploited to achieve maximum returns.

Forex Moving Averages

Moving averages have been used in financial markets since technical data began and is probably still the most used trading signal used today. A moving average is an average of a moving body of data and is calculated by adding the closing prices of the time framed used together and then divided by the size of the moving average used.

Can You Win Out a Forex Broker? – Seriously?

Skeptical? I would be. After all it’s a little hard to believe that a Forex Robot could be 100% undetectable to a Forex Broker is it not?

Why People Fail at Forex

Many people fail at forex. But why? What are the main reasons for forex failure?

Forex Basics – Where to Start With Forex

Learning the forex basics, where to start with forex is going to be the main issue you will want to address. A lot of the time people starting out in this market can feel a little bit overwhelmed or intimidated, because of the sheer amount of others who are also doing the same exact thing. There are a few things to keep in mind, so you will have a special edge over others who are trying to make money in this market as well.

FAP Turbo – Important Forex Trading Information You Wouldn’t Want to Miss

Technological advances are now being realized in the Forex industry. Forex traders are talking about what they now call ‘Forex robots.’

5 Tips on FX Market Trading You Need Before You Start to Trade

Let’s face it. Trying to find the perfect way to trade the Forex market is tough. There are a few common mistakes new traders make when they start FX market trading. However, if you avoid newbie mistakes and find the right trading system, you can make an incredible amount of money trading from home.

Forex Megadroid – Its Accuracy in Predicting Future Market Trends Explained

One of the reasons why many traders are enticed into using the Forex Megadroid is that the creators of this software has been enthusiastic in saying that it has made trading simplified by leaps and bounds. It has become so simple and easy that even those who have little or no background in forex can start learning about it and then turn some nice profits right away.

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