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Forex Trading Strategies – Self Discipline Is The Key

The biggest appeal of Forex trading is that it offers instant wealth creation. But an offer is nothing more than an offer and the opportunity will pay off only for those who approach the foreign exchange market equipped with Forex trading strategies.

Advice for the FOREX Newbie

Always stay on the safe side. If you’re looking for a forex trading broker, and of course, each broker is part of a certain company, make sure that you select a government registered company. In signing any contract with them, double check if they are registered or certified brokers. This is a good step to undertake in order to prevent any misfortune that you might encounter in the future.

Forex Trading – The Untold Secrets Of Forex Trading

Forex trading is a system developed to allow people to trade currencies in the various markets. For example if you bet $100 on the Yen to go up and it does, you make money. It has become incredibly popular over the last few years not because of its tranquility but because of its volatile nature. Seems sort of strange, but there is a good reason for it.

Forex Education – The Way of the Turtle

Many years ago, I read the story of the turtles in the book “Market Wizards.” I was fascinated to read how the legendary trader Richard Dennis, trained a group of novice traders in just 14 days – and how these novices later became trading legends themselves. Now we have a book written by one of the turtles themselves. “The Way of the Turtle” by Curtis M. Faith.

Forex Trading Can Really Make U Rich

You can Indeed make Money in Forex Trading if the Basic Rules are followed.

Choose Your Forex Trading Platform Carefully

Choosing a platform for forex trading that is user friendly provides more than just the obvious benefit of convenience. In the serious business of trading foreign currency time really is money and not just some empty buzz word. Let’s begin to explore and discover some other compelling benefits of a forex trading platform that contributes in a major way to a traders overall success and profit margin.

Why Traders Go Broke Trading Foreign Currency

Just imagine 90 percent of the people trading foreign currency losing their accounts and the other 10 percent going belly up. Those actual numbers should hit you right between the eyes and cause you take notice of the mistakes the majority of traders make.

Discipline – The Make Or Break Of Forex Trading

Following the path of discipline is one of the top three requirements for a successful Forex trader.

Covalent Bonding

Covalent bonding of futures pairs to create an optimal trading system portfolio structure.

Three Strategies To Trade Forex During News

Trading important news can be very rewarding when trading forex. In this article, I will discuss three ways how you can take advantage trading forex during economic news releases: Trading the economic numbers, Stradde setup before the news and Hedge setup before the news.

Forex – Trading With The Stop Loss And Trailing Stop

There are various risk management tools available to the trader in the foreign exchange (FOREX) market. Two of the most common ones are the stop loss and the trailing stop. What are they and what are they used for? Are they necessary for successful trading? This article will help you to understand these concepts and provide answers to these questions.

How To Make Money In Forex

As you might already know, forex is an acronym for foreign exchange – is the international currency market where money is being sold and bought. Forex certainly is a new and exciting way to make money in the huge global currency market. Making money in forex is very similar to stocks, options, or futures. You can sell (or short) if you expect the graph to go down and you can buy (long) if you expect the graph to go up.

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