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The Forex Robot Debate – Do They Work?

This question is debated daily by Forex Traders. With many that profit from Forex Robots, and others that lose money it is a highly controversial debate.

Are Forex Robots Truly a Profit Accelerator?

Lately, there has been much hype on the topic of Forex robots. With each software business promising precise monitoring and trade decisions that will earn you funds, how can you choose which of the numerous packages to pay for? Can the work involved in this complex market actually be computerized?

Learn to Trade With Candlesticks

In order to be successful in the Forex Market, you need to know the basics of trading. Over the next few days, we will share with each new Forex trader the keys to having a successful Forex career.

How to Use a Stop Loss to Maximise Profits

The way to use your stop loss to maximise profits is very simple but not many people know how to use the stepping motion in a trend to their advantage. If I enter a trade just below a pivot point for a sell trade and it reverses into a buy, then candles open and close above the pivot point. I am going to think about getting out very soon not wait until my full 30 pip stop loss disappears.

Forex Scalping Systems

FOREX scalping is one of the most common trading strategies in the Forex market. A lot of Fx traders apply this as their main method of trading.

Forex Day Trading System – Learn Forex Currency Trading

Forex day trading system As the stock market continues to perform unpredictably, it’s easy to see the attraction that Forex trading has. Buying and selling stocks has, over the last four or five years, and of course historically, been erratic at best and volatile on the extreme end. Many who’ve won and lost trading stocks have decided to give the foreign exchange market a try. After all, there’s more money traded daily than all the stock markets combined.

Trading the Currency Market – Some Basics

Forex is the largest monetary market on the earth and is open around the clock. Currency options trading requires the intervention of several different people. These people have begun currency trading due to the likelihood of turning out considerable profits.

Forex Software System Trading – The Fast and Easy Way to Make Money in the Trade

Forex software system trading uses expert knowledge to make all the buy and sell decisions on your behalf. When connected to trading markets on the internet, the software is able to monitor global trends in currency values.

Forex Currency Trading System – Can You Really Make Money Trading?

Forex currency trading system can you really make money using a trading system? The simple answer to this question is an emphatic, “Yes!” However, as with anything to do with making money, there is a caveat.

Currency Trading Tutorial – Your Forex Training Course is the System You Need to Succeed

When I explain the foreign exchange market to a newbie, I often liken it to learning to drive a standard shift car at the very top of a hill. Three scenarios are likely to occur to the first time driver:

Bullish White Long Candlestick Pattern – The White Marubozu

The most bullish of the candlestick pattern is the long white candle. It represents that day when bulls have been in total control of the market throughout the trading day pushing prices higher from the opening to the closing.

Currency Trading Training – You Will Not Succeed Without Currency Trading Education

Although it took a while to catch on, people have been trading foreign currency since the early 1970s, today $13 trillion are traded daily. Then I ask myself, why, if that much is traded on a daily basis, are there still many, in fact the majority, not profiting?

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