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Why Forex Trading Beats Stock Market Trading

The main reason why forex trading beats stock market trading is amount of options to invest in, in that there are fewer options to invest in foreign exchange, and therefore fewer key players that can be predicted to influence the market. Further to this it is the basic nature through which the foreign exchange interacts – it is less prone to unpredictable swings than with stock trading. This article will detail the major reasons why forex trading beats stock market trading.

The Process of Trading Currencies Online

The processes of currency exchange to take place, a robust, proven, and efficient infrastructure is required that will rapidly process the huge volume of orders, receipts, and carry away all other assorted computational tasks. There are innumerable types of parameter working together and influencing the global trading process.

Forex Technical Analysis – Basics You Need to Know

Forex technical analysis is the most effective and most time efficient way to make money in forex and studying forex charts can lead you to success but you need to know some basics avoid common forex myths and do it correctly and that’s what this article is all about.

Online Business Success – A Simple Method for Everyone With Huge Potential

If you want online business success the first point to remember is its competitive out there and those who look to promote products, sell ad words etc are taking the hard route. There is an easier route to online business success and we will outline it here.

Forex Day Trading – A Great Way To Lose Money Quickly

Forex day trading is very popular but is simply one of the best ways to lose money. If you have been considering a forex day trading system then read on and you may change your mind.

Forex Brokers – Choosing The Best Ones Some Simple Tips

All forex brokers are not the same and there are huge differences between them that can mean the difference between success and failure. If you want to trade forex you need a broker and this article will point you in the right direction on finding one.

Important Things To Consider Before You Choose Your Forex Broker

A forex broker can make or mar your success in the forex market. You need to be careful about the broker that you trade with in order not to fall victim. Here is what you need to consider in choosing one.

Who Cares If The Dollar Is Strong Or Weak?

My wife and I recently spent 10 days in Rome and Venice on our honeymoon and I came to a realization about a mistake I had made when planning our trip. I had forgotten to keep a watch on the foreign exchange rates between the US dollar and the Euro.

Forex Trading – How To Minimize Risk

If you are new to forex trading, you are going to want to learn as much as you can before you jump in and actually risk any of your hard earned money. There are many ‘online’ options in terms of platforms which allow you to test and learn from the forex marketplace. These are fantastic as a great deal can be learned through interacting with such environments. True success will come with experience, but there are some fundamentals which will certainly speed up the learning curve.

Building a Forex Trading Strategy

Your chosen Forex trading strategy will drive the trading decisions that you make in the Forex trading system. If you are new or a novice to Forex trading systems, you will need to develop an appropriate strategy that will evolve over time.

Forex Education – The Importance of Psychology a Live Lesson

In an article a week ago “US Dollar Outlook – Dollar to Strengthen Further” we postulated that the dollar would have a good week and so it has proved. Our logic was purely based upon trader psychology NOT the fundamentals or news. This week’s action shows graphically how important trader psychology is.

Currency Trading Success – Getting the Right Knowledge for Success

One of the biggest myths of currency trading and achieving currency trading success is knowledge is the key, while knowledge is of course important, this is not the hard bit of currency trading. Anyone can learn currency trading yet 95% of traders lose – Why?

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