Beginner’s Education in Forex Trading – Read More About It

The Forex trading market is a place wherein currencies are being traded of various countries around the world. It is natural that newcomers to the Forex market find it a bit scary and difficult to understand it at first, but frankly speaking there is enough of resources available on the internet for one to easily grasp the process.

Auto Forex Trading For Big Profits – Read More About It

Today many people have taken up the venture of investing in the foreign exchange market in order to make some extra cash. The word is around that people are making big bucks while trading on the Forex trading platform which by the way has opened up to the common man to trade in currencies.

Forex Currency Trading Market Can Be Fun to Try

It is currently the largest financial market in the world with trillions flowing in and out. The invention of online trading has brought forex currency trading to life. It is a fluid market. There is no opening or closing bell.

5 Deadly Mistakes of a Forex Trader

Recognizing the five deadly mistakes that forex traders (also known as foreign currency exchange or fx traders) commonly make is the turning point of your success in currency trading. Recognition of your weaknesses is the key to plugging them up. We learn best when we learn from the mistakes of other people.

Forex Scalp Strategies – Do You Know This Trick?

For foreign currency traders who practice forex scalp strategies, knowing as many scalping techniques as possible is vital. You want to be able to move in and out of the market as fast and as often as you can, and at the same time, maximize your profits from each trade.

FAP Turbo – Will Traders Benefit Much From This Forex Trading Robot?

In a fast-changing and dynamic world such as the foreign exchange currency market, a trader must have something with him that can help him keep up with the unpredictability of the Forex business. The advance in modern technology has resulted to the introduction of several Forex trading robots to make trading easier and simpler for traders.

Make Money in Forex – Is it Really Possible?

Before you jump into the Forex pool, be sure you know what it takes to be a winner… or at least to avoid being a loser. With all the interest these days in Forex trading I’m constantly being asked if it’s really possible to make money in Forex. It’s a very important question and the first one to be answered by anyone who’s seriously interested in trading foreign currencies.

Getting the Best Travel Currency Exchange

Whether you are traveling abroad on business or pleasure finding a good travel currency exchange rate can make all the difference to your budget. You have to remember that exchanging currency is not only about handing in one type of currency and getting back an equivalent amount in another currency. You also have to take into account factors like commissions and fees.

Forex Demo Account – Good Or Bad?

A forex demo account is offered by most brokers these days, especially those who want to attract beginners. But are they really such a great deal?

Power of the Mind – Experiencing, Harnessing and Utilizing in FX Trading

Mind – It prepares and sets you in the correct ‘mode’ for trading and managing your trade. Most traders will tend to give excuses, justifications or blames when they committed mistakes. It is fine to make mistakes but never OK to repeat them. These are some of the common excuses: 1. Blame the broker 2. Blame the guru 3. Blame the unexpected news 4. Blame anything else except oneself (applies to weather as well:P) A Mature Trader Would you rather spend more time justifying that it is ok to lose money or seek solutions to how successful traders make money consistently over and over again? The choice is up to you to make.

Forex Apocalypse – Does This Forex Robot Hold Its Own?

With all the excitement being posted online about the most popular trading robots like Forex Megadroid or FAP Turbo, it can be easy to see why other excellent Forex trading robots are being passed over. But there are other top-notch robots, and Forex Apocalypse might just be one of the best. But can it really hold its own when compared to the current market leaders? Here’s what the experts have to say about it.

3 Profit Killers in Forex Trading

There are three types of profit killers that cause 90% of losses your forex trades (also known as foreign currency exchange or fx trades). If you can overcome these profit killers, you would already have won 90% of the battle, and on your way towards forex success.

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