Bitcoin VS. The US Dollar Currency Index

Downside Risk For Emerging Markets

One important difference between a bull and a bear market lies in volatility. Rising markets are often accompanied by falling volatility, while bear markets are coupled to rising volatility in most cases. The cause of this is not hard to determine: in a bull market traders feel more confident about holding an asset in the face of adverse shocks, as confidence in the economy itself reduces the amount of emotional buying and selling.

The Difference Between Day Or Swing Trading Forex (OTC Market) And Currency Futures at the CME

Day or Swing Trading currencies with a good day or swing trading system can be a challenge, yet a very lucrative and profitable way to make a lot of money in the long run. Cash forex markets have been around for a long time but currency futures markets are growing rapidly too with the onset of twenty four hour round the clock electronic trading.

Automated Forex Trading – The Best Software For Huge Forex Profits!

You will get lots of software packages sold cheaply online which say they can make you a huge regular income with no effort but which ones actually work? Lets take a look.

How to Pick Out the Best Automated Forex Programs

Originally automated forex programs were designed as being a sophisticated answer covering gaps in professional traders’ schedules so that they wouldn’t lose money on a trade if they were not able to react to it adequately. Eventually, though, the publishers behind these programs realized the profitable implications of expanding on this technology so that they would work and trade effectively around the clock for the trader who uses it.

Moving Average Crossovers

A moving average (MA) is one of the most basic technical indicators. It is an average of a predetermined number of prices such as the closing prices or opening prices calculated over a number of periods like 75 candles. The higher the number of candles in the average, the smoother the moving average line is.

What is Forex Signal Software and How Does it Double Your Investments?

Forex signal software is essentially a stock picker but for the forex world. Here is how forex signal software works and how it can be incredibly profitable for you and yours.

How to Make Money With an Automated Forex Trader No Matter Who You Are

Approximately 30% of all traders are currently using an automated forex trader to make themselves money in the forex market. This is a program which automatically places and ends trades on your behalf around the clock and critics and experts alike having been lauding this new technology for a number of reasons. Here is how an automated forex trader works to earn you money even if you’ve never traded in the forex market in your life.

Forex Software – The Best Software Based on Audited Real Time Performance

There are lots of automated Forex trading software packages, which claim huge gains but which is the best based on pure performance? Let’s take a look.

Forex Trading Success – A Simple Strategy For Big Gains Anyone Can Learn!

If you want to enjoy Forex trading success and enjoy big profits, in just 30 minutes a day, then this strategy is for you. It simple to understand and anyone can make money with it, so let’s look at your strategy for success.

FAP Turbo, The Best Automated Forex Choice – Yes Or No?

FAP Turbo is an automated forex program, meaning that it enacts and ends trades on your behalf around the clock while you’re out living your life. I’ve heard a number of differing reviews and takes on this program, so I decided to test it out for myself and post and share my results here. So what’s the verdict, does this automated forex program deliver?

3 Reasons to Use Automated Forex Trading Software to Profit From the Forex Market

Automated forex trading software automatically places and ends trades in the forex market on your behalf with little to no effort required on your part. Here are 3 reasons to use automated forex trading software to make money from the forex market, even if you’ve never traded in your life before.

Forex Robots and Expert Advisors – Why Traders Always Lose Money With Them

Forex software is big business online and there are numerous cheap software packages you can buy which all promise a huge income with no effort but they all fail to repeat there track records and the reason why, is obvious and enclosed in this article. The Message the Forex Robot and Expert Advisors sell, is one where you get a track record which makes between 100 – 300% per annum and you pay $200 or even less to get it; you then make no effort and pile up huge gains.

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