Do Forex Robots Work? The Truth

Forex robots have been used by huge banks and individuals for years and have created huge profits for both. But do forex robots live up to the hype? This article will look at the benefits of forex robots and also the negatives.

Forex Trading – Which Time Period to Trade In

Due to its global nature the forex market is open nearly 24/7. And traders have access to live charts showing changes every month,week,day,hour, 15 mins, 5 mins and 1 min plus other time frames. The result of this is we can trade in virtually any time frame. Each time frame has an appeal to different traders. Which is the best?

Trading Forex – Understanding a Margin Call

Naturally when you first start trading you don’t like to focus on margin calls. We all hope we will never have one. However it is good to understand what they are and when your broker will take that action.

Buy FX Trading Software – What You Need to Know Before Purchasing

If you are ready to buy FX trading software, then there are several things you need to make sure you understand before making that purchase. Not all FX trading software is created equally, and there are many programs out there that are nothing more than paid advertisements rather than actual software programs. Worse still, other programs are really just stock picking programs disguised as forex trading software programs.

Fibonacci Stock Trading – How to Surf the Forex Currents

Like many of you, I’ve tried all sorts of ways to get ahead. But it wasn’t until a friend of mine, Jeff, showed me how to trade on the Forex that I really starting having something to show for my efforts. I’m talking about a new system called “Fibonacci numbers.” Of course, it’s not the sequence itself that’s new; Fibonacci died in 1250 AD, after all, and his “golden ratio” has been well-documented in various facets of both human and Mother nature. But recently, savvy investors have started applying lessons from the Fibonacci sequence to trends in the market – and they’re getting uncanny results!

Fibonacci Stock Trading – Predicting the Future of the Market

Not so long ago, I was living from paycheck to paycheck – something all too many of us can relate to. But now I’ve got breathing room, and more. How? By applying the hottest new method in trading today. You may have heard of it: Fibonacci numbers.

Forex Trading – Following World Events Makes Traders Wise

Forex trading is the hottest, most lucrative trading market worldwide. It has seen phenomenal growth in recent years since being opened up to smaller, individual traders. Discover what the smart trader does to stay informed.

Forex Trading – Understanding Scientific Trading Theory

The Forex market is run by humans, and human nature can be predictable. So it follows that the Forex market is predictable, doesn’t it? Find out the answer.

Trading Forex Foreign Currency

The foreign exchange market, that is universally known as Forex, is the planet’s biggest and most prolific financial exchange market. It started in 1973. As the largest and most productive currency exchange market, Forex is the platform where a vast mass of Forex trading or foreign currency trading occurs.

What is Tradeable Equity?

When we are setting up our risk management plans for trading we have to understand what is needed by the brokers in the way of a margin. This is when understanding the broker terms 100:1, 200:1 400:1 is very important. First let me explain tradeable equity.

The Various Sections of the Forex Market

Forex trading is a global business and is becoming more and more popular as the margin requirements come down. There are several different facets of the forex market. The spot market, Forward trading, Currency futures and currency options are the main ones. I explain the differences.

How to Start Forex Trading – Learn How to Make Money in Forex Trading

The Foreign Exchange market; it is a vast investment opportunity which is known and available all over the world. More and more people are becoming inclined to join in trading in this market as it offers a lot of opportunities to make money. It is also very attractive investment opportunity because it is currently the largest and most profitable financial market in the world today.

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