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Forex and Commodities Futures and Options – What to Know Before You Trade

The popularity of trading futures and options has been growing rapidly for several years. The ease of accessing constantly updated data online has prompted an increased fever by day traders to attempt to be successful and make money in this risky investment area. Individuals can now trade these markets with the same ease and speed as large companies.

Best Forex System Trading

Forex trading can be profitable and fun. With the advent of computers it can be very rewarding.

When is the Best Time to Trade Forex?

Do you want to know when is the best time to trade Forex markets and what you need to do during this time period? The best traders are able to identify these windows of opportunity and make maximum profits out of them when volatility and trade volume spikes significantly. This dynamic volatility is what allows good Forex traders to profit, and timing is the key to determining the success of the trader…

Forex Technical Analysis – Price Charts

One of the ways to analyze Forex market is using chart patterns and technical indicators. This approach studies the prices movement, while the another method, fundamental analysis, looks at economic and social factors such as the health of the national economy, political events etc.

The US Dollar is No Good and US is Losing AAA Rating – Yah, Sure

It is always interesting to hear people talk about doom and gloom of the mighty super power, yes I speak of the United States of America. More interesting perhaps is how every time the detractors of the dollar are wrong.

Fundamental Analysis in Forex – Influence of Economic News

There is a continuous debate among Forex traders about the use fundamental and technical analysis. Some prefer to use exclusively technical analysis and ignore the economic indicators. Other traders say that you can trade profitably only on fundamentals. In my opinion both types of analysis are equally important.

Forex Signal Service Review

Forex signal services have quickly become one of the most popular tools used by Forex traders of all experience and skill levels. Find out if you can really make money trading on autopilot or if these signal services are just scams.

Forex Tracer – A Proven Trading Software Or a Scam?

Is Forex Tracer a great trading software or just another scam? That’s the question that’s been all around the Forex community the past few weeks. This new trading system is creating quite a stir because so many people want to know if it’s legit or not. Everyone’s asking if they can really make money using it or if it’s just another dime a dozen systems. So far the results look impressive but let’s dig deeper and find out if this is the money maker you’ve been looking for.

Forex Signal Service – Is it Worth Your Money?

Forex Automoney has quickly become one of the most popular signal services in the world. Find out if this premier Forex trading system is a grand slam money maker or another run of the mill scam.

Forex Trading Largest Market Known

Currency trading had become extremely popular among traders today. The availability and easy interaction allows virtually anybody with a small amount of capital to participate. The internet has provided a gateway for global trading almost anywhere at any time. With millions of traders exchanging contracts there is no shortage of liquidity.

Forex Trading As a Home Business – Are You Trading Forex For a Living Or For Wealth Building?

Forex trading is gaining popularity as a home business. But do you know the real difference between trading forex for a living vs forex trading for wealth building. Actually it is just a thin line between both of them but we will discuss a bit since many people are getting confused about it.

Forex Trading Signals – Accurate Or Worthless?

Forex trading signals can be great tools for traders of all experience levels. Find out how you can get the most accurate Forex trading signals!

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