Bullish VeChain (VET) News: Aimed to Explode in 2022

Learning to Pull the Trigger – No Guts, No Glory

One of the hardest skills for many traders to master is pulling the trigger on a potential trade. The potential in the Forex market for huge profits is also tempered by the fact that, like any investment or trading market, there is always the chance of large losses, as well. The Forex market trades over $1 trillion a day world wide, attracting traders, but sometimes intimidating them.

Forex Training Series – Price

The first in a series of Forex training articles designed for those thinking about, or just beginning currency trading on the Forex markets. This article covers Forex price quotes, bid/ask spreads, lot sizes and pip calculations.

The Structure of the Forex Market

A breakdown of how the forex market is structured. The article specifically focuses on the three tiers in the forex market — Interbank, retail banks, and retail foreign exchange brokers — and how they are interrelated.

Forex Scalping for Beginners – Learn This Simple Fact Or Lose!

This article is all about forex scalping for beginners and a key fact you need to learn, if you are thinking of incorporating it in your forex trading strategy – If you don’t understand this fact, you are 100% guaranteed to lose, so here it is…

Forex Trend Following – 4 Simple Steps to Catching the Mega Moves

If you want to make money from global FX, then the best profit potential comes from long term forex trend following and this means catching and holding the mega trends that last for weeks, months or years. You will see them on a forex chart but what the best way to catch them? Let’s find out…

The Forex Assassin Review – Is This Forex Robot Trader A Scam?

Is it really easy to make money on the foreign exchange like the Forex Assassin author claims? If you do not know yet, 95% of traders lose money in the currency markets, and that information means that it is harder to earn money from forex than it is to produce a trading system like the Forex Assassin. So what are the right things that 5% successful traders do, and does the FX Assassin help you become one of them?

Forex Foreign Exchange Broker – Do You Need It?

A Forex Foreign Exchange Broker is really an important aspect of any wanna-be professional trader. If you have a demo account, you do not feel the real currency pressure of the foreign exchange market. Because of this you need something more real.

Review of Automated Forex Trading Signals Services – How An Online Forex Forecast Scam Works

Automated forex signals services provide online forecasts of the forex market through subscription websites or emails. The owners of these forex services claim to have developed a sophisticated algorithm that calculates signals for entry or exit based on analysis of chart data. The promise to you, is a fast, guaranteed way for anyone to make money in the forex market – but only if you subscribe to their service! I will show you why almost all of these services are scams, and how the scam works.

Foreign Currency Trading Explained

Foreign currency trading – also called FOREX trading among other names – is a market in which various currencies are traded. It is the biggest and the fastest growing market in the world with a daily turnover of more than 2.5 trillion dollars. This is more than 100 times greater than the NASDAQ daily turnover.

4 Questions to Ask Before You Subscribe to a Forex Signal Newsletter Service

With all the signal newsletter services stating fantastic win rates, how can you be sure who is the most credible? Ask these 4 questions before you decide.

Advantages of the Forex Market

A breakdown of the primary advantages the forex market has over other markets for traders. Specifically, the advantages are as follows: greater liquidity; better leverage opportunities; better after hours opportunities; and superior trade execution.

Why Forex Traders Fail

In this article we examine why Forex traders fail and why they are doing it to such an extent. By comparing to business start-ups we discover why Forex traders fail and why they fail so fast.

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