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Currency Trading Systems – 5 Tests to Find the Best Systems

Here’s a startling fact: Over 95 percent of the currency trading systems promoted by vendors cause traders to lose their money. So, how do you find one of the 5 percent of trading systems that make money – better yet, make big consistent profits.

Why Most Forex Traders Base Their Foreign Currency Trading On Technical Analysis

For many years Forex traders used fundamental analysis as the basis for their trading but today more and more traders are choosing to use technical analysis. But just why are we seeing this move away from a time-honored, tried and tested system?

Learn Forex Trading – 4 Key Points for Success Part 1

If you want to learn Forex trading, and join the elite 5% of traders who make money, then you need to consider the following 4 key points. If you ignore these 4 key points, then you’ll lose money – and never achieve currency trading success.

Two Methods For Analyzing Movements In The Forex Market

Predicting movements in the currency market is no easy matter and traders need to decide on a method for analyzing the market to underpin their trading decisions. Today analysts are divided into two main groups; fundamental analysts and technical analysts.

The Big Business Of Forex Online Trading

The daily transactions on the Forex, or foreign exchange markets, are so vast that they dwarf the total amount of money invested in stock markets across the globe.

Forex Charts – A Simple 3 Step Method for Huge Gains

On any Forex chart, you’ll see repetitive patterns that you could have traded for profit. This article is about spotting these repetitive patterns – and using technical analysis to create big consistent gains from them.

Forex Trading – 2 Simple Tip to Increase Profits Dramatically

Here we are going to give you 2 simple tips that will instantly improve your overall forex trading results. There simple to learn, easy to apply and could help you achieve big profits consistently of 100% or more annualized.

Forex Trading – Instantly Increase Your Profits With The 80 – 20 Rule

The 80 – 20 rule was not devised for Forex trading – however if you apply it in your trading, you’ll instantly increase your profit potential. The rule is simple to understand and apply – and all Forex traders should use it.

Forex Currency Trading Systems

There are a large number of such forex trading systems that are completely fraudulent or simply do not work, and have been created with the sole intention of making a quick buck. But despite this, there are plenty of forex currency trading systems out there that do work and can be quite reliable if used in a disciplined and consistent manner.

Forex Foreign Exchange Rates

Forex exchange rate says how much of one currency is needed to buy a unit of another. The exchange rate is essentially a price, which can be analyzed the same way as other market prices. So when we speak of an A to B exchange rate of C, it means that if we pay 1 unit of A, we get C units of B in return.

Forex Broker Comparisons – What to Compare Platforms On

Forex brokers are individuals or institutions that offer a range of forex services like management of your accounts and execution of orders. As your success in the forex trading largely depends on the brokerage services, you must take your decision after comparing different forex brokers.

Moving Averages – Simple Tips On Using Them For Bigger Consistent Profits

Moving averages are popular and if used in the right way can help you make profits however most forex traders make 2 critical errors which sees them lose. Lets look at moving averages and how to use them correctly for bigger profits.

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