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How to Learn Forex Trading

Forex is the short form for “foreign exchange” and is an exciting business that is increasing in popularity. Forex trade holds high prospects for profit as well as the potential for loss depending upon the trader’s skill and understanding of the market.

Should I Buy A Trading System?

When I started learning to trade forex, I looked online for resources and the first thing I came across were people selling all these systems where the owners were claiming results which were nothing short of amazing. I remember one ad claiming ‘Make $500 per day with our currency trading strategy, no risk’. For obvious reasons I was highly dubious about such a claim.

The 3 Keys To Success With Automatic Forex Trading

The key to making money at forex trading comes from one of three different strategies – buy and hold positions (where you buy an amount of currency, and hold it in an interest bearing account, selling it off when the price of the currency it’s held in reaches the price you want), derivatives (where you’re insulated from volatility, at the expense of a lack of agility to move on a rising trend) and day trading (where you’re buying and selling currency multiple times per day).

Forex Course 101

Online Forex trading is a relatively new opportunity that can be the ideal business for some people. It is a business that is providing a lifestyle of freedom and personal fulfillment for many people throughout the world.

Forex Brokers in Switzerland

Forex brokers in Switzerland have become popular with those individuals that want to place their funds in a secure account. A broker is a financial center that holds and manages your money and provides you with graphical interface software so you can access the markets.

Forex a Foreign Language

A brief look at the basics of forex trading focusing on the concept of hedging and hedging strategies. A brief look at the role that central banks play in forex trading.

Forex Scalping – Trading For a Living the Facts You Need to Know

Forex scalpers rely on trading regularly they don’t aim for big profits they aim for consistent small gains that mount up over time and aim for large annual profits with this method of trading. Forex scalping is popular so read on for the facts.

Forex Money Management and Placing Stops Correctly for Bigger Profits

Many traders are right about market direction but simply put their stops in the wrong place and clipped out the trade and then watch as it goes onto make thousands of dollars and their not in! Placing stops is as important as picking trade direction in terms of making Profits.

Forex Trading Tip – Use This Simple Rule and Watch Your Profits Soar

This is a very simple tip but if you use it you could see your profits increase dramatically and it takes into account a major error that a huge amount of forex traders make. Lets take a look at and why it will make your profits soar.

Learn Forex Trading – Trade like a Pro in 4 Simple Steps

If you want learn forex trading, you need to get the right Forex education and work smart and you will be able to join the elite 5% who make big profits and avoid joining the losing majority. Let’s look at how to learn Forex trading the right way.

Trading Forex – FED Rate Decision and Forex

There is no argument, interest rates decisions impact Forex market. After a period of predictable FED decisions, what will happen now, when outcome is uncertain?

Trading Forex – Oil Prices and Canadian Dollar

Canadian dollar has long been known as the “commodity currency”. Since oil is such an important raw material, is there a correlation and can it be exploited?

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