Conversation With Señor Burdy The Founder and CEO of Rasta Finance | Podcast Episode 6

Forex – The Power Of Compounding Your Returns

It was once said by Albert Einstein that compounding is the most powerful force in the universe. Whether or not you subscribe to such statement, it is without debate that compounding does offer phenomenal results in the investment world. With a systematic plan, you can parlay your profits from trading in the foreign exchange (FOREX) market to a substantial fortune. Here’s the plan.

Become A Professional Forex Trader – Living The Dream In 3 Simple Steps

Everything about forex trading can be learned yet 95% of traders lose however if you follow the 3 simple tips enclosed you could enter the elite 5% who achieve currency trading success. Let’s look at 3 tips for forex trading success.

Forex Education – Before You Buy Advice Online Consider This Question

As part of their forex education most new traders consider buying an e-book from a vendor and if you are one of them you need to ask one question:

US Dollar After The Rally Bears To Take Control Here’s Why

Currencies tend to over extend their gains or losses as greed and fear drive prices to far in one direction. This occurred last week in the US dollar as speculators were flushed out and the dollar mounted a strong rally. Now the rally is over the bears look likely to take control again, as the outlook still remains bearish the dollar.

Forex Myths 10 That Cause 95% of Traders to Lose

I have been a trader for over 25 years and the myths below are common ones and if you make anyone you will lose your equity and join the 95% of traders who lose. Let’s look at these forex myths and why they will guarantee you lose.

Swing Trading With Elliot Wave For Bigger Forex Profits

Elliot wave is one of the most popular methods of trading and although originally devised for the stock market swing trading with Elliot wave is very popular with forex traders. Let’s look at swing trading with Elliot Wave in more detail.

The Pros And Cons Of Trading Forex

There is not other financial market which compares to the foreign exchange currencies market. Trading Forex can be done around the clock all year long, including weekends. Because of its uninterrupted accessibility, trading the Forex market has made the exchange of currencies the largest money making opportunity in the world.

Forex Charts – Essential Indicators For Bigger Forex Profits

If you want to use forex technical analysis, then you will need to look at forex charts to decide where to execute your trading signals. You will of course need to combine indicators to do this – Here we will give you some essential ones, to help you achieve currency trading success.

Forex Trading – Which Is Best Fundamental or Technical Analysis?

If you are a forex trader, you can either trade via fundamental analysis or technical analysis but which is best? Lets compare the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Live Trading – Volatility Presents Big Opportunity in Yen and Euro

We looked at the B Pound recently and gave you areas to sell if you did you made a huge profit with low risk and we have done separate report on the BP – here we want to look at the Yen and Euro and low risk /high reward trading scenario.

Power Lift Your Trading

Putting the power of the market on your side can greatly increase your probability for profit.

Forex Trading Systems – The Key To A Successful Trading Career

Without any doubt the forex markets have become much more easily accessible these days than just a decade ago thanks to the widespread use of the internet in most countries of the world and the great number of brokers that now let you trade commission free and with narrow spreads. All this means that the high profitability of forex trading has become potentially accessible to any one, anywhere.

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