Crypto is Cooler! USD is NOT what it used to be.

Managing Bank Operations Risk

So we have had another massive loss at a major bank. The unfolding Societe Generale loss may be the biggest (so far), but it is neither the first not the last. Jerome Kerviel seems set to join a notorious band of rogue traders such as Nick Leeson and Toshihide Iguchi.

ABC Of FOREX Trading

FOREX trading can be briefly explained as trading one country’s currency against another country’s currency at a certain exchange rate. However, this concept is not as simple as it is explained. It involves a lot more than trading currencies.

Forex Trading – An Introduction to Using Signals As Trading Tools

Forex prices can move suddenly, without warning and they can move a long way in a short space of time. If you’re not a screen watching day trader this is a big problem. You run the risk of losing big time on open trades and also of missing out on hot short windows of opportunity. So what can you do? Use signals and signal services – Learn how here.

Forex Killer Review – The Best Forex Trading System

Forex Killer is a forex trading system created and developed by Andreas Kirchberger. He is a former Deutsche Bank forex advisor and consultant, and his experience in trading the forex is very long and successful.

Successful Forex Trading – Why Most Traders Lose

You will read a lot of information on the net telling you successful forex trading is easy yet the facts are that 95% pf traders lose all their money. Now another fact is that anyone can learn to trade – so what are 95% of traders doing wrong?

Currency Trading – New Revenue Stream

It is also about buying foreign currency, the most traded in the international market such as the US dollar, UK pound or the Euro, on a daily basis from the open market. It is sold either the same day or two-three days later when the demand for the particular currency is higher. Though the fluctuation in the currency rates is marginal, the earnings can be on the greater side since currency trading is carried out in the form of bulk.

How Not to Lose Your Shirt When Trading In The Futures Markets

There is an alarming number of new, and uneducated, commodity traders losing just about everything they own. Why? There are a number of reasons why a new futures trader stands back, scratches his/her head and wonders why their trading account went from thousands of dollars to almost nothing over night.

7 Reasons Why Forex Trading Outperforms Futures Or Stock Trading

Think Forex trading system might be for you? Read this article for seven reasons why the Forex Trading Market is superior to stock trading or futures trading.

The Traits and Beliefs of Winning Forex Traders

In trading as in life, how you think determines the result you achieve. Many Forex traders are filled with doubts and a lack of confidence, so you need to coach yourself through tough times with positive and self-motivating beliefs. Check to see if you possess the traits and beliefs of winning Forex traders, including;

How To Be A Winner In Forex Trading

In order to win in Forex trading, you need to create a written plan that you can review regularly to stay focused on your goal of trading success. By writing down your plan, you put yourself in the top 3% of individuals who have written goals and plans, giving you an immediate edge on most traders. There are several things you must write down in your plan. In fact, you should even do this before venturing into Forex trading in the first place. They include:

Currency Trading Systems – Unleashing the Power of Your PC for Profit

Today, the internet and the power of desk top PC’s have revolutionized our lives and forex trading. Many traders are looking to computers and currency trading systems to help them make money and that’s what this article is all about.

Free Forex Trading Seminars – The Pros And Cons

Free forex trading seminars are one of the most effective ways for new forex traders to learn more about the world of forex trading. However, as with anything in life, there are pros and cons to these free seminars.

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