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Forex Trend Following – How to Make Big Gains With Low Risk

Forex markets trend and if you look at a forex chart the big trends last for weeks or months and it’s these trends you need to lock into to make big profits. Forget, short term moves forex trend following means longer term and bigger profits.

4 Brutal Facts of Forex Trading Revealed

What is forex trading? Forex trading is trading between two currencies. For example, you buy a certain currency now and wait for the currency to appreciate in value. After which, you sell it off and then keep the profits. Sounds easy?

4 Must Know Questions and Answers Before Deciding If Forex Trading is For You

Forex trading is trading between two currencies. For example, you buy a certain currency now. When the currency appreciates after a period of time, you then sell it off. An investor’s goal ultimate goal in forex trading is to profit from these foreign currency movements.

How to Start Your Own Forex Managed Account

Forex managed account can be a very convenient way for a total newbie but to get involved in the forex business. More and more people are settling for this type of forex account because the account is traded by market professionals using very advanced trading systems.

A Cycle Trading Method That Works – Part I

Many traders don’t like to share their method because they think it will lose it’s edge. My philosophy is that there’s plenty to go around! This is the first in a series of three articles that explains in working detail a profitable cycle trading method that can be used for consistent, easy trading. If you are a new trader or struggling to find a working method then read on.

You Can’t Lose With the Proper Forex Trading Strategy

Getting yourself acquainted with the proper forex trading strategy is essential to your success in forex trading. You ought to have a strategy to enable you avoid making decisions based on just emotion or inaccurate information. This is the one trusted way to truly make money from forex trading.

Time to Learn Forex Trading

In order to make a success of your forex trading, it is important for you to take the time to learn forex trading. If you take time to study and understand the techniques and strategies involved, you will have a much higher chance being successful because by doing so you are stacking more odds in your favour.

Forex Automated Trading Systems – Real Or Scam?

As forex trading becomes more popular, forex trading systems are also on the rise. Are these systems reliable or just full with nonsense and scams? Read here to find out.

Forex Tracer Review – How Does This Forex Robot Auto Trader Work?

Do you want to find out how a Forex robot auto trader like the Forex Tracer really works? This type of program, also known as an expert advisor, has always fascinated me. If these trading systems are indeed profitable, wouldn’t we be able to make money all day without doing anything? I decided to investigate the Forex Tracer, and test it out on a demo account and see if it really works.

Forex Trading Education – 5 Common Accepted Ways to Make Money Not to Learn

Many traders work hard at their forex trading education but simply fall victim to the myths and scams that abound online. If you try and learn ideas that are proven to failure, then of course you are going to lose – but 90% of new traders do this!

Simulated Forex Trading Can Save You a Fortune

There is no better way to learn forex trading than to actually be able to sit at your computer and practice trading in the live environment, but this can be a very costly exercise. Today, however, the advent of forex trading simulators makes this both simple and safe.

Forex Trading Methods – Scalping Vs Day Trading

This article covers a brief description of two types of traders in the forex market, scalpers and day traders. It gives an indication as to why brokerage houses prefer day traders to scalpers.

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