How the Forex Meta Scam Made Me Rich

You may or may not be familiar with the Forex meta scam, but if you weren’t already aware Forex meta run a system that can be described as dubious. I was completely new to Forex trading when I signed up with them but soon discovered after the first initial trades that the marketing videos which gave me the incentive to sign up soon proved bogus.

Forex Trading – Why Complicated Mathematical Algorithm Based Systems Lose

There a big buzz word at the moment and many people will tell you that a complicated mathematical algorithm based system can help you win at Forex – but they don’t work and there is a better way to trade. Fact: Forex markets do not move to certainties and are not a market with mathematical structure, so what good is a complex mathematical algorithm?

Forex Trading Strategy – You Cannot Predict Forex Prices But You Can Win

You will see a lot of people tell you that you can predict Forex prices in advance but this is not true and if you try it, you will lose If you want to win follow the Forex trading strategy in this article and you can get the odds on your side and win. It’s obvious that you cannot predict what Forex prices will do, because predicting is hoping or guessing and you will not be rewarded for it. Of course there are lot of vendors of systems telling you that you can and that markets move to mathematical formulas but this is a lie. If they did, there would be no market, as we would all know the price in advance! Human nature is unpredictable and markets move to the odds, not certainties.

Forex Trading Success – The Majority Fail, How Can You Win?

Most people don’t enjoy Forex trading success, because they make the basic errors below, make any one of them and you will fail too. Let’s look at the mistakes and what you need to do to enjoy Forex trading success.

Forex Trading Millionaires – What Did These Ordinary People Do That Made Millions Quickly?

The trading experiment below was one of the most famous of all time and there is much you can learn from it, as a group of ordinary people were taught trade quickly and made millions. How they did it, is an essential piece of Forex education which we will look at here.

Forex Products – Why Are There Now So Many Forex Products Being Sold Online?

If you’ve been trading forex online for a reasonable amount of time, you will undoubtedly have noticed that there are now more forex products being sold than ever before. New products are coming onto the market on a regular basis, so why is this, and how effective are these products in reality?

Day Trading Currency on Forex

Why do most new Forex traders lose money. Training and physiology are the two biggest reasons.

Forex Trading Tips – 5 Ways to Avoid Burn Out While Making a Living in Forex Trading

Making a living in the forex trading market can be very profitable but at times stressful. There are a lot of pratfalls that you may fall victim to so here are a few forex trading tips to keep you on your game.

Gann Ideas, Pivot Points and Fibonacci

Many articles and books have been written about WD Gann. I was fortunate enough to read some of his original writings back in the 1990s, a colleague of mine was part of a Gann Society that he paid a huge amount to join. I have studied Gann and have my own version of a Gann system.

Forex Robot Trading – If You Want to Win Make Sure You Check This Key Points

Forex robot trading is popular but most robots don’t make money. If you want to find a robot that does, check the key point enclosed.

Is it Time to Ditch the Pound?

Just a thought: if currencies are humans, they’re all in a hospital right now. The US dollar is in constant fluctuation. The Japanese yen’s high exchange rate is hurting their economy same with the Chinese yuan. And now, the pound is sinking too.

Forex Trading Robots Review – How to Use Them For Maximum Profits

How should you use your Forex robot to earn the most money? Here are some tips.

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