How to Calculate Pip Values

This article shows how you can calculate pip value. Read it to see how easy it is.

Electronic Currency Trading Versus Bull Fighting

Live bull fighting and Electronic Currency Trading share a lot in common. Some of the parallels are…

Forex Tracer Review – An Independent Look

Forex Tracer is the newest forex autopilot program. We run it through the tests to see if it’s all that it’s cracked up to be…

Forex Real Time Quotes – What You Need to Get Started

Forex Real Time Quotes can help you make money. We’ll discuss them, as well as other ways to take advantage of the exciting forex market!

How to Trade Forex Using Charts – The Naked Way

I know if you are new to trading and are trying to figure out how to trade forex using charts, you’ve probably heard about a million possible ways to do this. Try trading it naked. No, get your mind out of the gutter. I’m not talking about trading without clothes. I’m talking about trading without indicators. Naked trading gives you all the information you need to know on how to trade forex using charts, without all those pesky indicators getting in your way.

Money Making Secrets Revealed – Forex Investing in a Whole New Way

Everyone knows the basics when it comes to money, but are you aware of what exchange rates are, or how governments determine what money is really worth? If you are not, then I’m telling you, you should be aware of this. For Foreign Exchange can be the key to your success.

Basic Stop-Loss Forex Techniques

Stops are an unfortunate necessity of trading life. Forex markets move so quickly that you must enter stops when you enter your trade. Most trading platforms today offer this capability, including scaling stops, and the technique is easy to learn and manage.

TrendStuffer Review

I guess we should kick this off with the obvious question, what is TrendStuffer? I realize it sounds like some sort of kinky toy but get your mind out of the gutter; TrendStuffer is a Forex product that includes an indicator for those interested in manually trading and an expert advisor (also known as a trading system) for those interested in automatic/autopilot trading. Oh and you get a decent sized user manual so you actually know what you’re doing, isn’t that thoughtful?

How to Choose a Forex Trading Broker?

Forex trading brokers are everywhere on the internet today. And since it is so easy to put up an ad, chances of you running into a scam or an amazing good trader are equally high.

Automated Forex Software – Why Try Them Out?

Automated forex trading software reduces the risk of loss. A good trading system makes getting more profitable trades natural.

Make Money in Forex Trading – Pro and Cons

Forex is becoming one of the hottest subjects in investment field lately. You can make lots of money in Forex trading. Before you make your first investment, let’s find out what are the benefits and disadvantages of trading Forex.

Forex Robots – Be Careful the Vast Majority Will Lose Your Money and Do it Quickly Here’s Why

If you are thinking of buying or trading a forex robot then be very careful, as well over 90% will lose you money and here are the reasons why. Its true, you will get a lot of hyped advertising and how it trades with 90% accuracy, can make you hundreds of thousands a year etc and then when you look in the small print, you will find the statement below written on the sales copy.

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