My Top 5 Crypto Picks for 2022!

Coming Back to a Market

How will you know when to start trading a market again after it has taken a so-called”โ€˜vacation?” What to look for in deciding to leave a market.

How To Create A Profitable Trading System In Forex

Learn how to create a Forex Trading System and be profitable in your trading month after month.

Fibonacci Trading – Key To Forex Profits

In this article you will be introduced to the power of Fibonacci Analysis in trading and a secret method of Fibonacci time analysis.

Online Forex Trading – Why Most Traders Cannot Adopt a Mindset To Win

FOREX trading looks easy yet few succeed. If you are thinking of trading FOREX then you need to consider the fact 95% of traders lose their equity quickly. FOREX trading is difficult as it means you have think and act in a totally different way and adopt a different mindset to win.

History of Gold

Look at the current rise in the price of Gold from about $20(~1900) to somewhere around $800 (early 1980’s). Today in 2007 we see Gold returning to about $650 US. So remember when the reference for Gold is given for a creek in California in 1900 US Dollars the typical price back toward 1900 was $20. Gold has been a precious metal for as long as humans can remember. The reason it is precious is that it is universally accepted as a monetary exchange medium, it’s useful, beautiful and hard to find. It is said by some that most of the world’s gold supply has been removed from the ground and melted into bars and coins, but in reality only 1% to 20% has been taken….

Forex Trading In The Context Of Modern History

Foreign exchange trading can trace its history back to the Middle Ages when international merchant bankers first devised the system of using third-party transferable payments in the shape of bills of exchange. However, the real growth of the Forex market took place as a result of events during the twentieth century.

The British Pound – A Low Risk High Reward Trading Opportunity

The British Pound will present a trading opportunity next week. Here we will look at it and how you can trade it for profit.

FOREX Education – Work Smart Not Hard To Succeed

I read a lot about FOREX education and how it is essential to succeed and of course this is true, but most people don’t really understand what they should learn and how to do it. So here are some guidelines, on how to work smart and not hard to achieve FOREX trading success.

Want to Trade FOREX? Then Ask Yourself This Simple Question

What’s your edge? If you want to win at FOREX trading you must have an edge remember this fact: Around 95% of traders lose – so if you don’t know what your edge is you will join them. Let’s look at the basis of having an edge and what you need to win.

Technical Analysis – How to Use It for Big Profits

Technical analysis is the most effective way to make money in online FOREX trading, or any other market โ€“ Here we will show you why it is so effective and how to and avoid common errors. So firstly, why does technical analysis work?

Truthful Answers About Currency Trading (Forex)

One of the largest money markets in the world today is the Forex market. Forex Investors from around the globe meet both in person and online to negotiate the value of varied currencies for other currencies in desire of making big money. But what is Currency Trading (forex)? How do you make money trading foreign currencies? How difficult is it to get involved?

Online FOREX Trading – If You Want To Win Understand Price Momentum

If you want to win at online FOREX Trading you need to understand the importance of price momentum in putting the odds on your side. If you don’t understand price momentum you will lose. Let’s look at why it is so important and how to put the odds in your favor.

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