How a Strong Dollar Can Hurt Trade

On its face a strong dollar can seem like a good thing but for companies doing business in foreign markets a strong dollar can diminish profits significantly. The dollar soared on currency markets defying conventional logic. In today’s global economy the need for a Forex currency converter has never been greater. Currency markets have been especially volatile and consulting an FX currency converter has become second nature for many executives.

Forex Converters and ‘Pips’

One of the first Forex terms learned by those new to Forex is ‘pips’. A pip equals 0.0001 of a dollar and is the smallest increment on Forex markets. Many unfamiliar with Forex wonder how money can be made from such a small currency increment like a pip.

Understanding Pips

One of the most common terms used by Forex traders is ‘pip.’ To understand Forex trading and to take advantage of Forex opportunity it is important to understand what a pip is.

Chaos in Zimbabwe

The economy in Zimbabwe continues to collapse under the leadership of Robert Mugabe. At one time Zimbabwe had a thriving economy and was considered the breadbasket of Africa. Since Mugabe’s land grab and the eviction of farmers the country has descended into chaos and starvation.

Forex and Poker?

In a clever move an online gambling portal is now offering online Forex trading to their clients. The UK based Casino Bonanza Online noted the similarities between gambling and Forex trading.

How to Improve Profitability With FAPTurbo

This article analyses the performance of four accounts trading FAPTurbo47. The conclusions is that only the pairs EURCHF and USDCAD should be traded and trading hours should be limited to GMT 21:00 and GMT 22:59.

A Review of Automated Foreign Currency Trading Robots

The following is a review of automated foreign currency trading platforms and systems to determine if they are successful or a scam, why they are successful, and which one is most successful and the best value. First, what is foreign currency trading? This type of trading is the buying and selling (trading) of foreign currency pairs. It is commonly referred to as “Forex” trading.

The ‘Big 3’ and Forex Converters

Once again the chief executives are in Washington to ask the government for aid in the form of a bailout. This time the executives left the company jets at home and drove to Washington in an attempt to give the impression of frugality. GM stated that without an immediate bailout they could be out of business in little more than a month resulting in the loss of millions of jobs.

Why a Forex Day Trading System Can Be Path to Massive Wealth

The Forex market is quickly becoming the most well known path to wealth today. And because of many automated trading programs available today, you can easily limit your risk and maximize your profits.

Why a Forex Day Trading System Can Be the Key to Your Financial Future

When people think of Forex, they imagine a huge mysterious system that will men certain financial doom. But by trading with an automated system, your risk can be minimized, allowing you to make substantial gains on a regular basis.

How to Make Massive Wealth Using a Forex Day Trading System

Forex day trading systems have recently become the vehicle of choice to those that have discovered the path to financial independence. Because systems can minimize your risk, and maximize your profits, they can be a valuable tool in your wealth generating strategy.

Forex Robots Reviews – Do Not Be Scammed With Bold Claims

As a Forex trader, profits are the only thing that you should be concerned about when choosing an automated Forex trading robot. So where do you even begin to make sense of what is the best Forex robot as there are so many products being promoted? All of these products claim to be the best available on the market, but are they? How will you know if these products will produce the promised results before you commit to buying?

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