Forex – What Is An Introducing Broker?

In most financial markets there will be a broker involved to receive orders from retail and corporate customers. In the foreign exchange (FOREX) market, the broker acts as the intermediary between its customers and the inter-bank market where the currencies are actually traded. What is an introducing broker (IB) and where does the IB fit in the vast marketplace?

Forex Trading – 3 Simple Tips To Make Money Fast

If you are just starting out in forex trading or an experienced trader not making the gains you would like then these 3 tips are for you. There simple to learn easy to apply and could help you make triple digit annual gains so lets look at them.

Forex Trading News – How To Use it Correctly For Profit

Today, forex trading news is more plentiful than ever. There are numerous sources to choose from and there all delivered at the click of a mouse, so you can get breaking news whenever you wish.

How Forex Brokers Do What They Do

Offers advice on how to choose a forex broker. Also includes information on the basics of the foreign exchange market.

Forex – Currency Trading’s Main Three Sessions

Currency trading in the foreign exchange (FOREX) market takes place 24 hours a day Sunday evening to Friday evening. In this respect, it differs from most financial markets, including the equity markets for stocks. There are different trading sessions spread across various geographical time zones that predominate at certain times of the day.

Forex – Currency Trading Absentee

Some traders in the foreign exchange market prefer not to sit all day and night in front of the computer while seeking profits. Their trading plan revolves around using certain pre-determined settings and then allowing the market to agree or disagree with the set plan while they tend to other business or leisure. Can this model be executed profitably or are the risks too great?

Forex Currency Trading Online – 5 Steps to Avoid Tragedy

The real tragedy in Forex currency trading online is that everyone that decides to trade has the intention of making money, yet the statistic of 90% losing their money is real. Follow these 5 steps and give yourself a happy ending.

Trading Forex – Currencies of Eastern Europe

While not in a spotlight, currencies of Eastern Europe can provide good trading opportunities. Future, however, is unclear. They might disappear.

How to Practice Good Money Management in Your Forex Trading

Money management is possibly the most important skill you can master as a Forex trader. It can literally be the single deciding factor in determining if you make money or lose money as a trader. Here are some important principles of money management to assist you in your trading.

Forex – The Psychology of Trading

Success as a Forex trader is not the result of how you react when your trades are going well. It’s the result of how you react when your trades are going bad.

Forex Trading – What Are Fibonacci Numbers?

Do you know who Leonardo Fibonacci is? Leonardo Fibonacci was a mathematician who lived from about 1175 to 1250. He was well known in his day and contributed greatly to the world of mathematics. One of the things he did was that he introduced the decimal system to Europe. He also studied a sequence of numbers that are known today as the “Fibonacci numbers.”

Forex Trading – What is Technical Analysis?

Simply put, technical analysis means that one studies price movement. You can use price charts in order to keep track of price movement history. By doing so, you can try to figure out which way prices will go, up or down, in future trends.

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