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Online FOREX Trading – Become a Successful Forex Trader in Two Weeks!

One of the most inspiring stories I ever read, was how legendary trader Richard Dennis taught 14 people who had never traded before, to trade successfully in just two weeks. The result? The traded and went on to make millions and become some of the most famous traders of all time.

Swing Trading – Use Momentum Indicators For Huge Profits, Live Examples

If you have been following our articles you will know we love the stochastic indicator it’s simply the best timing indicator you can use and here’s the proof- We showed you 5 trades and got 4 profits and 1 break even and have 3 open trades all in profit- So why is momentum so important let’s find out.

Online FOREX Trading – Is Simple but the Majority of Traders Lose – Why?

Most traders lose however online forex trading is simple to learn. Traders lose because they follow conventional wisdom (a lot of which is wrong) never acquire the right knowledge and then cannot apply it. Here we will give you pointers on getting the right knowledge and mindset to win. Let’s look at why traders lose.

Small Investor Dilemma – Forex Or Stocks?

How does one decide which avenue to pursue, FOREX or stocks? Naturally, sort of meaningful analysis needs to precede any decision on the matter. One approach would be to weigh the advantagesomes and disadvantages of each. Let’s first look at the advantages and disadvantages of the stock market.

Online Forex Trading – To Make Huge Gains You Must Master 1 Key Problem

Online forex trading looks easy yet few succeed and the bulk of novice traders over 90% wipe out their equity quickly. Whilst there are many reasons novice traders lose this is the one that wipes out most. If you don’t overcome this problem you will get wiped out too.

It Is The Trader That Makes The System

Definitely the trader is the weakest part of the equation but also the most important. Profitable online day trading such as futures trading, stock trading, forex trading, currency trading or any speculative investment avenue can only be achieved by individuals who are either exceptionally “lucky” or intensely disciplined. Which category do you fall under?

Forex – Can You Make Some Quick Money?

One of the perceptions among smaller speculators is that the Forex offers an easy way to make money quickly. While that can be true, there are a number of precautions that the neophyte should take before committing to any sizable trades. Forex education is absolutely vital before you jump in feet first.

Contrary Trading – 2 Indicators for Big Profits a Live Example

Here we are going to give you two indicators to use with simple support or resistance to isolate contrary trades that offer great returns and low risk. We are going to apply them to a live example shaping up right now. The indicators we are going to use are-

Swing Trading For Profit a Live Example

Swing trading is one of the best ways to make money in forex trading, it’s also a lot easier psychologically than trend following. It’s therefore a great way to trade for novice traders. Over the last few weeks we have looked at some live examples- Banked 4 profits, scratched one trade at break even and have one open. Let’s look at it and another potential opportunity.

Hidden Secrets Of Forex

There is always a risk in Forex. That’s the truth. There’s a risk in anything.

Currency Exchange in the United States

The United States dollar is one of the world’s most common currencies and is convertible to most other currencies. Foreign currencies are almost never accepted in the U.S. Following are tips for currency exchange in the United States.

Forex Trading And Its Tactics

Trading the Online Forex market has many advantages over other fiscal markets, among the most significant are: better liquidity, 24hrs online market, superior execution, and many others. Traders and investor see the Forex market as a fresh speculation or expanding chances because of above mentioned benefits. Does this mean that it is quite simple to earn money trading the Forex Market.

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