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Gann – What You Can Learn From a Trading Legend

W D Gann is one of the most famous traders of all time and his status is confirmed by a life size portrait you see as you enter the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). He made a fortune of $50 million and his unique methods are used by savvy traders all around the world to seek big consistent profits. If you have not looked at his methods you should here’s why.

Forex Trading Systems – Picking The RIGHT One To Make Big Profits

Forex trading systems are big business get the right one and you can make big currency profits and get the cost you paid back many times over. However, most forex systems don’t make money so you need to choose the right forex trading system and this is what this article is all about.

How To Get An Advantage Trading Penny Stocks

Penny stocks represent the possibility of exceptional rewards for profit while offering equal opportunity for monumental risks. Once you make the decision to invest in penny stocks or ‘beyond the brink’ so to speak, there are a few things you should know.

Advanced Forex Strategies Part 1 – Tug of War

The concepts of TOW are basically from Cross Hedging, Pair Trading, and Double Opposition Entries which use quantitative analysis to develop a profitable trading strategy. TOW is one of the Forex Hedge Fund Strategies that yields the best of results employing an automated system of opening and closing positions based on current market trends and flows.

Forex Price Action Trader – How To Use The Vertical Price Bar In Price Action Analysis

The price action trader is able to prognosticate the next trading tendency of the forex market by looking at the single vertical price bar or the dual price bars. In this article, we will discuss the placement of the price bars in vertical price bar analysis and how to use these price bars in forex trading.

What Every Forex Trader Needs to Know

Becoming a successful Forex trader, then, requires more than investing only your money. You also need to put in a lot of time and effort. And after all that, you have no guarantee of success. The foreign exchange market is highly volatile. You have about as much chance of mastering it as you would taming a wild stallion.Yet some people do come close to mastery, and manage to make Forex trading their daily job.

Pattern Recognition And Why You Need To Learn It To Be Successful In Forex Trading

Pattern recognition is a method that will help you to be a much more successful trader. Just as with regular stock trading, the foreign currency exchange markets will very often repeat certain patterns over time.

How To Choose The Correct Forex Trading Software For You

Just like with stock trading, there are a large number of software programs you can use to make your foray into the foreign currency exchange markets. You will find that you have two basic choices, either web based or desktop based programs.

A Closer Look At Some Of The Investment Myths In The Foreign Exchange Markets

Just like anything else there is a learning curve plus there is a lot of research and strategy that goes on behind the scenes to make a trade successful. I have written this article to help you avoid some of the more common investment myths so you will know what to realistically expect when you begin trading.

How To Keep From Losing When Trading In The Forex Markets

Just as with any investment, the entire goal of investing in the foreign currency exchange market is to make a profit. The thing you must always remember though, is that just like with any other market investment, you can also lose. The reason that savings accounts and insurance policies pay such low rates of interest is because of the lack of risk.

How To Avoid Some Of The More Common Forex Scams

There is an old saying that states, “A Fool and his Money are Easily Parted”. With the proper strategy and resources from which to educate yourself, there is no reason to be foolish.

Forex KISS Strategy – Profits For Sure

The simple potential of high profits trading forex is not enough to feed your bank account. What you need is a reliable system that will turn the profit potential into real cash for you.

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