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You Want to Trade Forex, But Who Are You?

Before you even get started in your trading career, one of the most crucial questions that you’re going to need to address is very simply, “who am I?” What this means, is what kind of a trader am I? And this is going to take a little time for most people to figure out.

The 8 Essential Steps To Become A Successful Forex Trader

Nearly everybody wished to be successful in currency trading, but has everyone plan ahead on how are they going to achieve their aim to be a successful trader? I feel not quite a few. If you are new to forex trading and is serious about succeeding in currency trading, here are the 8 essential steps you should do to prepare yourself better.

Forex For Beginners – My Favorite 3 Indicators and How To Use Them

Trading the forex is so much fun. I have been trading for years, and that time has allowed me to really grow comfortable with my trading indicators. Believe me, I have tried scores of indicators, and I want to share with you the ones that make me the most money.

Forex Trading – Why Is It Important To Trade With The Trend?

Anyone that trades the forex knows that trading with the trend is very important. But so many times, I think, we assume that we should be trading with the trend without understanding why. So I first want to discuss the why, and then we will discuss how to make money from a trend.

The Forex Battlefield

Forex strategies is not only determining what time frame you will trade, which technical indicators you will follow and their parameters, but which forex systems you will use to carry these objectives out successfully an profitably. Forex as any other markets are battlefields, those that have the best weapons win.

What Is a Forex Signal?

Forex Signals are a new way to trade in the forex market. Trade with any broker using metatrader and get signals for incoming trades that can make you profits.

Forex Currency Trading Tutorial – What Is Support?

If you are new to the forex markets and currency trading then I have no doubt that you may already have come across the terms “support” and “resistance”. They are pivotal to your successful trading. It is critical to understand what causes them, and how to spot these areas of support and resistance on your currency charts.

Currency Trading Explained – What Should You Know About Currency Trading

Currency trading is one of the most attractive and risky businesses around. It can present both possibilities and dangers to a trader. One should know a few basic things before starting currency trading.

How Do Forex Signals Help You Maximize Your Profits?

The amazing forex market offers you many options of making extra income. Come read here about forex signals and how can they maximize your profits.

A Forex Trader’s Worst Nightmare – Lack Of Patience

Trading accounts are blown out everyday because of basic human warning signs being overlooked. If traders would only listen to their natural instincts they would more often than not keep themselves out of trouble. The only real principles a profitable trader should rely on are the simple ones.

Forex Countertrend Trading – Is It Worth It?

Human beings are notorious for choosing the hard road. They seek out challenges and thrills and enjoy overcoming obstacles in the road. Throughout my trading career this idea has been my only explanation for why some market participants continue to try and pick tops and bottoms or counter trend trade. Why attempt to tackle something so difficult when the odds are stacked so high against you?

Compare Spread Betting Companies – Where To Start

Making the choice between and choosing a Spread Betting Broker is not so easy these days due to the increased number of brokers out there. Below I have highlighted my Top 10 criteria in order of importance to me. This list is for sure arguable and so it should be, priorities will be different from one person to another and will change over time.

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